Claimants are systematically scheduled to participate with WorkSource staff in a one-on-one meeting with a WorkSource specialist. These appointments are scheduled and the claimant is notified by letter of the date, time and location of these mandatory meetings.

If they cannot attend, the letter directs the claimant to call their assigned WorkSource center before a certain date to reschedule the appointment. See the Appointment Scheduler frequently asked questions. Claimants will be able to: Self-schedule the initial one-on-one and follow-up assessments, reschedule an existing appointment and receive confirmations and reminders. More easily obtain the help and services they need to become successfully employed.

Take more ownership of their progress and become less likely to remain unemployed for a long time. WorkSource staff will be able to: Spend more time with claimants to develop work plans, identify training and other support services, and locate job matches. Manage the calendar of available appointment times for their location.

Record attendance and appointment completion. Produce reports to track claimant check-in, use, trends, etc.The Illinois Dept.

Each claimant is then transferred into a Pool Table, ranked based on the statistical model and assigned a coefficient. Each day, all claimants that were transferred from IBIS are sorted on the assigned coefficient. The procedure sorts descending highest to lowest. Those that ranked higher get selected first. The job looks ahead 12 days in advance and selects the highest scored claimants first based on their geographic location and an available number of seats in the scheduled workshop.

Specifically, the procedure that runs each day will determine if there are any workshops scheduled for 12 days from the current day. If there are, the system sorts the pool of claimants in descending order and select those for which their assigned local office has scheduled workshops. Once participants are selected, they receive a notification package instructing the claimant to report to the closest American Job Center AJCcomprehensive center, affiliate center or local office providing RESEA services.

Prior to the reporting date for the workshop:. The grant monies provided to support this important program enables IDES to provide additional targeted, one-on-one employment services to those job seekers most likely to exhaust their UI benefits.

As with all states, Illinois seeks to reduce the time claimants remain unemployed. Some innovative functionality added to our LE system:. Most Relevant Entries.


Most Recent Entries. Prior to the reporting date for the workshop: Staff review all available information to determine UI eligibility and possible referral to adjudication. Ensure auto-enrollment in IJL has occurred and those demographics have been completed by selectees. Ensure that each participant has completed the assessment form and work search or instruct the claimant s on areas that need to be completed. WIOA Partners, and other resource providers, commonly participate in these presentations.

Approximately two weeks after IRP creation, staff follow-up with participants to gauge progress on completing IRP tasks. She was having difficulty gaining reemployment due to her background and lack of marketable skills. Tara is currently enrolled in school through our WIOA education program, securing her associate degree in Welding.

He had retired from his job as a security officer at a local Hospital and went to work as a delivery driver for a local auto parts store for an additional 19 years. They discussed jobs that would be suitable for him and helped him apply for a new position.

They hired Arthur to be a Greeter, which falls under the umbrella of Loss Prevention, because of his Veteran status and his background in security.No Account?


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Acronyms browser? Full browser?In order to comply with federal law, the VEC will review your claim for benefits to determine if you may need special reemployment assistance to make a successful transition to new employment. If you meet the federally mandated criteria, you will be referred to reemployment services, such as job search assistance.


If you are referred, you will be required to attend as a condition of eligibility to receive weekly benefits. If you either refuse to attend or do not attend without justifiable cause, you may be denied unemployment benefits. A: Reemployment services may include the following: an orientation session advising you of the availability and benefit of reemployment services; an individual assessment of your needs with which an individually tailored reemployment services plan can be developed; and job search assistance such as counseling, testing, occupational and labor market information, job search workshops, job clubs, referrals to employers, and other similar services.

A: When you are notified that you have been selected for reemployment services, the letter will include a statement that failure to participate in such services may result in the denial of benefits. Skip to main content. Home Unemployment Insurance Handbook for Claimants. Reemployment Assistance In order to comply with federal law, the VEC will review your claim for benefits to determine if you may need special reemployment assistance to make a successful transition to new employment.

Q: What types of reemployment services are offered?

Re-Employment Services and Eligibility

Q: What if I am referred for reemployment services and do not attend?This refresh model continues to incorporate key components of our Customer First model. DOL is very supportive and will help all staff get consistent training on program requirements, which must align with current and past DOL guidance. States are now required to formally evaluate all components of our service delivery model to determine its effectiveness on reducing claim duration.

Future funding will rely heavily on our ability to demonstrate that we are using effective methods of serving our customers. A: Registration is happening now. Sign up on the training calendar on the Workforce Professionals site. A: No. A: Effective methods include services proven through rigorous evaluation and determined by DOL to positively impact rapid employment and reduced claim duration. Monitoring focuses on required elements and compliance with policies, expectations and procedures.

A: Yes. We are working to create a clear process around completing required components. A: Not at this time. Seasonal workers are currently not eligible for exemption and therefore must meet UI work search requirements, including attending RESEA appointments.

Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Grants

Seasonal workers should be given the same access to the full array of services available and the opportunity to explore current or new career paths.

A: This is still under evaluation. There may be a need to increase staff based on. A: Maybe. Standards and expectations will be documented in Standard Operating Procedures SOPs to support consistent service delivery. Monitoring will ensure we are meeting state and DOL requirements.

The refresh will be formally evaluated over the next few years by a team from LMEA.Federal government websites often end in. The site is secure. The Unemployment Insurance UI program is a required partner in the broader public workforce system and provides unemployment benefits to individuals who have lost their employment through no fault of their own and who otherwise meet initial and continuing UI eligibility requirements.

Beginning inthe U. In Fiscal Year FYamendments to the Social Security Act permanently authorized the RESEA program and implemented several significant changes including formula-based funding and a series of requirements intended to increase the use and availability of evidence-based reemployment interventions and strategies.

To operate an RESEA program a state must submit an annual plan detailing its service-delivery strategies, projected number of participants served, and other essential information.

There is variation across states in the use of technology, group sessions, and the number of RESEAs provided. The RESEA program is based on a successful model established in Nevada where eligibility assessments were delivered seamlessly with reemployment services. Research on that service delivery model found the impact to be the following:.

States are required to implement RESEA interventions and service delivery strategies that have strong evidence to support they work and to evaluate any strategies without such evidence.

Beginning in FYstates have the flexibility to use up to 10 percent of their annual RESEA funding to conduct evaluations of these interventions and strategies. Beginning in FY states will be required to use no less than 25 percent of their grant funds for interventions or service delivery strategies with strong causal evidence showing a demonstrated capacity to improve employment and earnings outcomes for program participants.

This site will be an essential resource for states as they develop or further refine evidence-based RESEA strategies and contemplate building new evidence. Advisories and Directives Laws Regulations. Regional Offices Freedom of Information Act. Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Grants. Target Populations. Services Provided. Evidence-Based Strategies. Research on that service delivery model found the impact to be the following: Claimants were significantly less likely to exhaust their benefits; Claimants had significantly shorter UI durations and lower total benefits paid on average 1.

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