Paciello, rossana

While many of us are lucky to be able to transition to working from home and virtually connecting with friends and family, many people with disabilities find that their already challenging world has become even more difficult to navigate. These difficulties range from discrimination from restaurants and other service providers, to distance learning barriers, to potential life-threatening medical situations.

The National Federation of the Blind, the civil rights organization for blind individuals in America, has documented several occasions upon which businesses that now offer drive-through services during the COVID pandemic have actively discouraged or refused service to blind people on foot.

Even if a restaurant, bank, or [COVID] testing center is unable or unwilling to offer pedestrian access to its drive-through window, the law clearly requires that it offer reasonable modifications to allow the blind and others with disabilities to take advantage of its public services. The bottom line is that, especially at a time when access to vehicle transportation for non-drivers is limited, there is no legal or moral excuse for denying service to blind people simply because we are not in a car.

The Center for Public Integrity reviewed policies from 30 states that provide guidance on how to ration ventilators if the situation arises. The outcome was concerning for people with disabilities and their loved ones, as many states have policies that could be interpreted as discriminating against individuals with certain medical conditions. In response to a flurry of complaints filed by disability advocates, the U. Department of Health and Human Services published a bulletin indicating that states should not discriminate when determining care.

People like Haben Girmaa disability rights lawyer and the first DeafBlind person to graduate from Harvard Law School, is deeply concerned about the mental and physical repercussions of social distancing.

paciello, rossana

The lack of physical touch during a time when everyone is required to stay six feet apart is a major hardship for her and others like her. The health implications of this order is also a cause for concern for DeafBlind people. Rossana Reis is worried about how she might be able to communicate with medical personnel if she needs to go to a hospital. Would the medical staff be willing to type on my device, if it comes to that?

That would be problematic for me, as I am not able to rely on video remote interpreting. With schools closed for the foreseeable future, that leaves almost half a million children without the formal support of trained teachers. School districts are attempting to fill the gaps created by the pandemicbut the results are grim.

Some districts are training all teachers to adapt their lesson plans to accommodate children with disabilities, but that alone cannot fill the void of hands-on instruction. The mother of year-old Logan Heller, Robyn Garza, is facing a dire situation. Logan is prone to meltdowns and regular self-injuries, and while the school has offered instructional videos to help continue his speech therapy, Ms. Garza has four other children to care for. At The Paciello Group, we partner with organizations of all shapes and sizes to improve their digital accessibility.

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paciello, rossana

Calamita, V. Lapenna, R. Luongo, and A. Dahlgren, C. Williams, F. Freund, V. Vanderbilt, T. Bleier, and G. Glen, Darcy K. McPhee, Simon L. Sunday, October 3 Welcome Reception Venue: Ayres Inn. Monday, October 4 John Eichelberger Invited. Seismo-magnetic effect from El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake Mw 7. Palangio, C. Di LorenzoA. Meloni, and U.

Anatomy at 1220 Grand Opening

Papadopoulos and G. Session : Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic methods related to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic, landslides and geothermal activities Chair - Malcolm Johnston.

Malcolm Johnston.

paciello, rossana

Kappler Invited. Session: Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic methods related to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic, landslides and geothermal activities Cont.Interoperability has long been an objective for research infrastructures dealing with research data to foster open access and open science.

The FAIR principles are now reference criteria for promoting and evaluating openness of scientific data.

Rossana ep. 45 - San Valentino

FAIRness is considered a necessary target for research infrastructures in different scientific domains at European and global level. Solid Earth RIs have long been committed to engage scientific communities involved in data collection, standardization and quality management as well as providing metadata and services for qualification, storage and accessibility.

They are working to adopt FAIR principles, thus addressing the onerous task of turning these principles into practices. The roadmap considers FAIR principles as requirements in the software development life cycle, and reorganizes them into data, metadata, access services and use services. FAIR data and service management is demanding, requiring resources and skills and more importantly it needs sustainable IT resources. FAIR data management also includes implementing services to access data as well as to visualize, process, analyse and model them for generating new scientific products and discoveries.

FAIR data management is challenging to Earth scientists because it depends on their perception of finding, accessing and using data and scientific products: in other words, the perception of data sharing. The sustainability of FAIR data and service management is not limited to financial sustainability and funding; rather, it also includes legal, governance and technical issues that concern the scientific communities.

In this contribution, we present and discuss some of the main challenges that need to be urgently tackled in order to run and operate FAIR data services in the long-term, as also envisaged by the European Open Science Cloud initiative: a sustainability of the IT solutions and resources to support practices for FAIR data management i. How to cite: Cocco, M. We are sorry, but presentations are only available for users who registered for the conference. Thank you. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Massimo Cocco et al. Presentation version 1 — uploaded on 04 Mayno comments.Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here. And the stakes are exponentially raised when the art on display inhabits the eye of a political hurricane. Bookended by the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the exhibition unfurls all the usual heavy hitters, including Ai Weiwei, Cao Fei, Chen Zhen, and Zhang Peili, while bringing context to bear with a display of archival materials and an accompanying three-hundred-page catalogue.

What else can painting do. With wide-eyed curiosity, maverick humor, and infectious glee, Owens continues to pose this query, producing ambitious, technically rigorous, and surprising pieces unlike those of any other painter of her generation (or the next). For this LA master, painting is large-scale installation, embroidered silk-screened textile, ticking timepiece, site-specific manifesto, private treasure hunt, and eye-popping, mind-bending, gut-busting karaoke house party.

Travels to the Dallas Museum of Art, Mar. This exhibition promises to explore dimensions of Matta-Clark only touched on in previous retrospectives, homing in on his architectural projects of the 1970s. The artist adopted the sobriquet anarchitect, with a bow to the art brut painter Jean Dubuffet and in explicit opposition to his professional education at Cornell. Taking the deadpan, saturation-enhanced look of the vernacular postcard as a point of departure, Shore has employed everything from plastic toy cameras to tripod-based view cameras to Instagram.

All will be on display in MoMA's massive retrospective, which features more than seven hundred photographs, books (some of which are self-published), and archival materials and will be accompanied by an encyclopedic catalogue with contributions from the curators, David Campany, and Martino Stierli. A full-color volume of scholarship accompanies the exhibition. Each of these events allow you to spend the day as a YellowJacket student by attending a class, going on a campus tour, learning about student life and financial aid, attending academic sessions and an admissions presentation.

All of our preview events are free and include on-campus lunch. Select the one that best fits your desired visit experience and sign up now. It must be your first visit to campus and documentation is required (within 30 days of your original visit). To apply for the reimbursement, download and complete the Travel Grant Form and mail it back to LETU with proof of expenses. Goals have been hard to come by for the Cherries though, and while they will have been pleased to see Callum Wilson return from injury, his recent hat-trick against Huddersfield Town sees him lead their scoring charts.

Josh King currently has more goals for Norway (three) than Premier League strikes (two) this season, and Jermain Defoe has just one to his name since returning to the south-coast, but he does boast an exceptional scoring record against the Eagles across his lengthy career.

Everyone knows how big each game is. Defenders Joel Ward and James Tomkins look likely to miss out, but there is better news with Scott Dann being available again after illness, while James McArthur has shaken off a virus earlier in the week.HalepFrench Open 2017 Women's Final, 10-06-2017Yes, at 20, unseeded, Jelena Ostapenko won the French Open 2017. Our prediction was correct. We'll be back with new and exciting features. To gain access to enhanced predictions that can start on any day you choose you need to register with EasyTide.

But if you squint a little bit and open up your romantic, dreaming heart.

This is the greatest thing. Let's go through the details. In the film, young Brit Sam (Thomas Sangster) and American Joanna (Olivia Olson) are classically star-crossed. He falls for her just as she is returning to the United States, and his dad convinces him to do the classic Hollywood run-through-the-airport-to-share-your-love move, which earns him a sweet kiss on the cheek. And then she leaves. The short "sequel" filmed for Red Nose Day and released this summer did give us a happy ending for the pair: Sam and Joanna did reunite and get engaged.

But let's get back to our mashup of the real world with the "Love Actually" world. We all know it was Meghan Markle who became a "Deal or No Deal" suitcase opener and star of USA Network's "Suits," but there is a resemblance between her and Joanna. And Sam, well, you could pretend he's a bit like Prince Harry. Because however you want to imagine it, the actual happy ending of the story is that Harry and Meghan are getting married in May.

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Would you eat your dick if not. It should be great exposure. Just bought another 2 coins this morning.Nordic Visitor crafted an amazing trip for us. Our family of 8 had an experience of lifetime in an absolutely beautiful place. Our guide for the trip, was outstanding. He was clear, informative, and positive. It was easy to see how reliable and responsible he is and how important it was for all of his travelers to have a good time.

He went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a good experience. I loved the balance of having an overview tour for each city along with time to explore on our own. That was a great balance. I also appreciated the absence of unexpected pressure or expense to add on additional transportation or side tours that some tour packages market. And I appreciated the absence of pressure to tip tour guides and drivers. In some countries there is high specific pressure to pay certain amounts to those workers.

I prefer the staff to be paid well up front and to leave tips optional. The support that Cicci and her colleagues provided was outstanding. We had a few minor things that needed to be adjusted during our trip and we received immediate and prompt service.

All questions were addressed quickly and when changes were required, all our requests were met with a willing attitude. The trip was wonderful and it was nice to know that we had someone to contact should we have encountered any problems. We were very pleased with the service provided by our travel consultant, Sofia. She was very prompt in replying to all our queries. We enjoyed the itinerary where different experiences were offered - various train rides and cruises.

The hotels were good, all centrally located and spacious with very good breakfasts provided. Everything is planned for with detailed information, maps and vouchers.

COVID-19 and the Disability Community

All we needed to do was present ourselves at the various venues. We felt assured that there is someone who knows our plans and who we could call upon should we require any assistance. I would definitely recommend Nordic Visitor to anyone who wants to go Scandinavia on a free-and-easy yet have all the hassle of planning taken care of. Christoph did an excellent job in arranging this tour for my family. Very well done and very appreciate the efforts put in to this arrangement.

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paciello, rossana

Are you looking for new exciting career opportunities. Want to grow your career and have an impact. Highly Customizable The strongest feature of eSignLive is the flexibility of the platform.

Easy to Use The easy, user friendly interface is the best part. White-Labeled We like eSignLive because it can be white-labelled. Risk-Free Audit Trails The other major thing I liked about eSignLive is that when I got the package back, I had all the details about the signature, all the proof for legal means. Accommodating eSignLive was more open to discussing our requirements and enhancements. Flexible Contract Terms eSignLive was flexible. It becomes hard for the customers to read all the reviews and if he reads only a few of those reviews, then he may get a biased view about the product.

Several research works have been proposed in the past to address these issues, but they have certain limitations: The systems implemented are completely opaque, the reviews are not easier to perceive and are time consuming to analyze because of large irrelevant information apart from actual opinions about the features, the feature based summarization system that are implemented are more generic ones and static in nature.

The final polarity of feature-opinions pairs is calculated.

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