For more than a half century hundreds of factories nestled in northern Italy's lush green Dolomite mountains, have made nearly 20 percent of the world's eyewear. Some of the factories are small family shops, while others are large plants equipped with the latest robotics assembly lines.

The area is considered the birthplace of the modern eyewear industry. Steeped in the Venetian decorative tradition, and the Northern Italian instinct for fine quality, our Dolomiti Eyewear frame designs stay true to their inspirational origins.

Once considered the cumbersome sign of a handicap by the people who had to wear them, the rush for designer eyewear has changed forever the eyewear marketplace. Glasses have become highly fashionable. Looking at eyewear shape statistics, round eyeglasses are the first, most iconic, and most enduring of all glasses shapes. We chose the classic round glasses frame shape as the foundation for our Dolomiti Eyewear. These classic styles have a smooth design that have withstood the test of time.

Oval and round glasses frames bring balance and harmony to the face. Our Dolomiti round glasses and Dolomiti classic oval eyeglasses are simply the finest quality round glasses available. Each frame is coated with 20 layers of Swiss shellac, which provides a durable hypoallergenic barrier. The eyeglass frames are available not only in skull and polo style temples with spring hinges, but also with cable temples.

All temples are interchangeable, so you can special order any combination of frame front and temple. Peruse our expansive selection of Dolomiti round eyeglasses to find the perfect eyeglasses frames for your face shape and life style.


Eyeglasses Sunglasses. CART 0 items. I have found over the years that fashion is a fickle master, but certain styles never go out of style. The round and almost-round shapes you will find in the Dolomiti Eyewear Collection are the shapes which offer the best overall vision for single vision, progressive, and sunglasses styles. But more importantly, the round and almost-round shapes are in my opinion the most physically appealing and complimentary to the largest number of faces.

The evolving Dolomiti Eyewear collection is the continuing expression of timeless and divine values. Whether the shape choice was due to observing a natural phenomenon such as when a bead of water or small pool of water lands on something, it automatically forms a round shape or the glass globes or that the bottoms of bottles fill with some water people peered through to read magnified print were circular, we will never know.

But humans are clever, curious people and through experimentation, trial and error found methods to help magnify objects. One person who figured out a rather novel way to read was a Roman philosopher, statesman, and dramatist by the name of Seneca, c.

Another means of magnify words was the use of a smoothed chunk of quartz or glass moved slowly over each word on a manuscript.

However, the true inventor of eyeglasses will probably never be known, although there are many people in history who claim to be the inventor of round eyeglasses.Amaze those you love with unforgettable romantic weekends. Immerse yourself in local art and culture full of ancient traditions and legends.

Discover the most beautiful itineraries of the Dolomites for your holidays by motorbike or bicycle and hiking in the most beautiful Dolomites peaks designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites since Several services available to cyclists: guided There are plenty of services offered to families The Hotel San Giacomo is suitable to the exigencies of the family with some facilities at their disposal: babysitting, The 3-star Serena Hotel in Cortina d'Ampezzo is an historic hotel that dates back to the early s.

It is located away Ideal destination for Hotel La Baita is situated in a quiet position in Livinallongo and is an ideal starting point for climbs in summer and for The Alphotel Tyrol in Racines is perfect for a holiday in direct contact with nature in the interests of environmental The main attraction Hotel Marmolada is situated in a quiet position in Corvara. During the winter season wonderful slopes and facilities await The apartment hotel Residence Alba Nova is situated in a quiet and central position in Andaloclose to the uphill The family-run Guesthouse Serenetta lies in a panoramic, quiet and sunny position in Varenanear Cavalesein Trentino.

Apartments Ca' del Sole are located in a sunny position in San Vito di Cadorein the hamlet of Belvedere, and boast a The Folgarida Real Estate Agency Immobiliare Folgarida deals with renting and sale of apartments for weekly or seasonal The Apartments Residence Ariola is situated in the centre of Selva di Val Gardena in a quiet and panoramic position, with a Built inMaso Corradini is a characteristic farmhouse located in Castello di Fiemmeoffering its guests the option Founded inthe school offers aDolomitesItalian Alpi Dolomitichemountain group lying in the eastern section of the northern Italian Alpsbounded by the valleys of the Isarco northwestthe Pusteria norththe Piave east and southeastthe Brenta southwestand the Adige west.

The range comprises a number of impressive peaks, 18 of which rise to more than 10, feet 3, metres. The highest point is the Marmolada 10, feet [3, metres]the southern face of which consists of a precipice 2, feet metres high.

Geologically, the mountains are formed of light-coloured dolomitic limestone, which erosion has carved into grotesque shapes. The resulting landforms include jagged, saw-edged ridges, rocky pinnaclesscrees pebble deposits of limestone debris, deep gorges, and numerous steep rock faces at relatively low levels. Glaciated features occur at higher levels; 41 glaciers lie in the region.

Dolomiti Superski

Many of the lower and more gentle scree slopes were once forested; only patches of woodland remain, however, interspersed with grassy meadows. The main valleys provide relatively easy access to most parts of the Dolomites. The main north—south road uses the Campolongo Pass 6, feet [1, metres]. The east—west roads cross the well-known passes of Pordoi 7, feet [2, metres]Falzarego 6, feet [2, metres]Tre Croci 5, feet [1, metres]Sella 7, feet [2, metres]and Gardena 6, feet [2, metres].

On the western and southeastern margins, respectively, are located the larger towns of Bolzano and Belluno. Landslides after heavy rainstorms in the southern Dolomites twice caused the Vaiont Dam on a tributary of the Piave River to overspill and drown the village of Longarone, causing the loss of more than 2, lives in and the destruction of houses and communications in Article Media.

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Britannica Quiz. Passport to Europe. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:.Perfectly groomed white slopes in winter or fragrant flower meadows and dreamlike scenery in summer? The Dolomites offer both.

A fascinating array of grey rock formations, which in the summer turn into a hiking and biking galaxy. The temptation is too much for any keen mountaineer, biker or hillwalker to resist.

Over open lifts are accessible with one ticket, the SuperSummer lift pass. Seemingly unattainable heights can be overcome effortlessly and in no time. No matter which sport you pick for your holiday in the Dolomites, the mountain world is at your fingertips. The first snow has turned the Dolomites into a winter wonderland, announcing the coming up winter season of Dolomiti Superski. Experience a feeling of freedom in the midst of incomparable natural landscapes.

Eight protected nature parks reveal rare plants and animal species to visitors. Ramble across the mountain trails or white gravel tracks, and dive into bygone eras. Relics and legacies of the First World War coupled with living traditions and customs make visitors a part of Ladin history and culture.

Summer in the Dolomites is the perfect time to recharge your batteries, enjoy the colours of nature and spend time with your loved ones. A variety of activities and sports are on offer. Embark on a journey of discovery with a guide, find the ideal MTB route with the Dolomiti Bike Galaxy Map or take the lifts up to the peaks of the Dolomites: the options are endless!


Delve into this captivating world of mountain villages and high peaks. Treat yourself to a break and feel revitalised with Dolomiti SuperSummer! Ski map Skipass Webcam Weather. Winter Summer. Welcome to. Lifts Valleys Activities Events. Winter is coming! News The first snow has turned the Dolomites into a winter wonderland, announcing the coming up winter season of Dolomiti Superski.

Live info. Dolomites for families On tour with your beloved ones.The Dolomites: a unique jewel in the landscape. Not forgetting cultural sights such as castles, museums and churches. Customs and traditions also have a special role in the Dolomites holiday region. Discover special excursion destinations for the whole family and wonderful hiking tours for all ages.

Visitors to the holiday region also enjoy winter. When the temperatures drop and the landscape shines bright white. Then the time has come for ski tourers, cross-country skiers, skiers, snowboarders and sledders. Discover everything worth knowing about the Dolomites holiday regions!

Best flights to Italy from Munich and Frankfurt

Where the Dolomites are located, how best to reach them, where best to holiday according to your personal preferences. You can find out from the Dolomites Italy map and from the short descriptions of individual holiday regions.

Themed hotels. All Hotels All Accommodation. We take no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of all information. For your safety, please ask the organizer for further information. Ulrich Selva di Gardena S. The Dolomites - the most beautiful place to spend your holidays. Holiday Region Three Peaks.

And culture lovers, should ensure that they do not miss a visit to the collegiate church in San Candido. A visit to the Tuscan castle, which towers majestically above Sand in Taufers, the famous Braies Lake, or the Messner Mountain museums, are all special attractions in the valley, which you simply have to see and experience.

Take a look at the holiday region here. Maybe you will find an idea or two for a carefree holiday in the Dolomites Pustertal Valley.

The Dolomites - the most beautiful place to spend your holidays

Alta Badia Who doesn't know, the Alta Badia holiday regionwhich has made its name primarily as a winter sports region. It's no wonder that every year the World Cup men's giant slalom run takes place on the famous Gran Risa. The holiday region has much to offer: above all, of course, the winter classic per se, the Sella Ronda.

But even off the slopes, there is much to discover, such as the Holy Cross pilgrimage church, for example, or in summer, the great hiking, climbing and biking paradise in Alta Badia. Alta Badia. There is simply everything there that holidaymakers desire: In winter there is fun entertainment on downhill slopes, trails or sledging runs to experience; In summer, there are numerous opportunities for hiking through alpine landscapes, romantic vineyards or shaded chestnut groves, as well as opportunities for paragliding, rafting or horseback riding.

Whether you are taking part in summer or winter sports, or are interested in culture, the Ladin language or arts and crafts - the three Val Gardena villages have an enormous range of leisure activities on offer for their guests. Summer and winter, spring and autumn, the holiday region impresses with cultural highlights and a varied leisure programme for all ages. Let yourself be tempted by this holiday region, which guarantees you will have a wonderful and equally interesting time here.

All embedded in a beautiful natural landscape, which is a the special highlight of this holiday region. Belluno The Belluno holiday region - the southern gateway to the Dolomites. The region has a lot to offer, especially for sports enthusiasts. A skiing paradise in winter and a hiking paradise in summer awaits you. Perfect for those wanting to spend a relaxing holiday in the Dolomites. Trentino Trentinoa holiday region that stretches from the Dolomites down to the famous Lake Garda.

A region where, down in the valley, the first buds are already blooming, whilst further up, insatiable skiers are carving magnificent curves in the snow. A true paradise, both summer and winter, the Dolomites are right on your doorstep. Top Lodging in the Dolomites.Upon Jobin's request, Dolomite helps him retrieve the Locacaca after being lured by living proof of the Locacaca's next stage of equivalent exchange.

He is a Stand User and controls people through his Blue Hawaii.

Classic Round Frames

Dolomite was originally a handsome man. Wearing an undercut, the hair on his sides was shaved down whilst the hair on his crown was pulled to the right of his forehead. He wore an exotic striped jacket over a dark, long-sleeved shirt.

After his body was destroyed, Dolomite's appearance drastically changed. His entire body and skin took on a more rock-like appearance, with a rougher complexion and cracks in his skin.

Dolomite's arms and legs are reduced to stumps while his teeth are broken and cracked. His eyes are duller and a strange marking exists above his nose, in the form of a triangle with a small circle above it. His hair has grown out much longer and is unkempt, hanging over his shoulders. As for clothing, he still retains his exotic jacket but nothing else. This section requires expansion. Little is known of Dolomite's past personality.

In the past, Dolomite was an easy-going man that cared for another woman. Despite the destruction of his body, his mind is relatively sane, although he does display animalistic behavior at times. He is also extremely nihilistic, likely due to the fact he cannot participate in society any more. He is not interested in the Locacaca operation, and whilst commenting that it will be "lonely", he does not show any grief to his fellow Rock Humans.

The reason given as he has nobody left, he can not participate in an equivalent exchange process. He was quick to change this view after Jobin gives the possibility of an equivalent exchange like Josuke. Dolomite's Stand has the power to control humans from afar to attack a particular target so long as that person has touched something belonging to the user, or the blood of one of the victims. Years ago, Dolomite originally was a normal-looking Rock Human that loved an unknown woman fondly.

The woman, apparently blind, wandered into a power plant and Dolomite rushed after her. He pushed her out of the way in time, saving her. However, the power pylons electrically shocked him to such a severe degree that it blasted apart his arms, legs and teeth. The last thing Dolomite saw was the woman wandering away. Over the years Dolomite ate several animals, causing the police to search for him.

After an unknown amount of time, Dolomite settled down near a pond located at a shrine; living as a hermit and becoming unaware of the events happening to his Rock Human brethren. After witnessing Josuke Higashikata kill Tamaki DamoJobin goes to the pond and summons Dolomite using fried chicken. Jobin informs him of what happened to the Locacaca Smuggling Organization managing the Locacaca trade, and asks Dolomite to help him acquire a Locacaca so he can perform equivalent exchange.

While Blue Hawaii relentlessly pursues Josuke, Dolomite stays idle in his pond. Josuke finally beaten, and instructed to return to Dolomite immediately, the Rock Human takes his mobile phone and interrogates him to know who Josuke was going to meet, to which Josuke answers that he was to meet with a plant appraiser.

Investigating the phone, Dolomite confirms Josuke's statement; declaring himself the victor, he orders Josuke to drown himself at the bottom of the pond, but Yasuho intervenes and bashes his head with a metal bar. Limbless, Dolomite has no way to defend himself and is forced into a mud pit when Yasuho interrogates him about his accomplice and the Rock Human tries to stay silent. Defeated, Dolomite releases his control over Josuke and reveals that it was Jobin who asked him to attack Josuke.

Dolomite then comments that Josuke and Yasuho are way over their head by involving themselves with the Locacaca business, especially since a new species of the fruit has emerged.Other mountain groups of similar geological structure are spread along the River Piave to the east — Dolomiti d'Oltrepiave ; and far away over the Adige River to the west — Dolomiti di Brenta Western Dolomites.

The Dolomites, also known as the "Pale Mountains", take their name from the carbonate rock dolomite. During the First World Warthe front line between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces ran through the Dolomites, where both sides used mines extensively.

Many people visit the Dolomites to climb the vie ferrateprotected paths through the minefields that were created during the war. A number of long-distance footpaths traverse the Dolomites. They are called alte vie high pathsand are numbered 1 to 8. The trails take about a week to walk, and are served by numerous rifugi huts. The first and the most renowned is the Alta Via 1. Radiocarbon dating has been used in the Alta Badia region to demonstrate a connection between landslide activity and climate change.

The Maratona dles Dolomitesan annual single-day road bicycle race covering seven mountain passes of the Dolomites, occurs in the first week of July. Media related to Dolomites at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Mountain range in the Italian Alps. For other uses, see Dolomite disambiguation.

The Three Peaks of Lavaredo. Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park 77, acres Journal de Physiquevol. Landslide geomorphology in a changing environment.

Retrieved Rock and Ice Magazine. Archived from the original on National parks of Italy. World Heritage Sites in Italy.

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Longobards in Italy, Places of Power — A. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Italian : Dolomiti German : Dolomiten. Dolomites Location of the Dolomites in the Alps. Mostly Triassic. Sedimentary rocksdolomite and volcanic rocks. Grohmannspitze Langkofel.

Kesselkogel Rosengarten. Tre Cime di Lavaredo Drei Zinnen. Tschagerjoch Karersee to the Vajolet Glenfootpath. Vajolet Pass Tiers to the Vajolet Glenfootpath. Giau Pass Cortina to Val Fiorentinaroad.

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